2-in-1 Lighter

Meltazo 2-in-1 Electric and Gas Lighter is the trending and newest version with wind-resistant, water-resistant, USB rechargeable, and has both electric and gas functionality. That’s what makes it convenient and safe for any outdoor adventures. Thanks to the evolution of lighter technology which is bringing us the most trending lighters every year. We brought you 2-in-1 electric & gas lighters which are specially built for cigars and other outdoor activities such as; camping and so on. They are luxury, fashionable with different fascinating colors. In comparison with old lighters, they are safer, more efficient, elegant, and mostly weather resistant.

2-in-1 lighter, dual purpose lighter

Unfortunately, many smokers continue to use old lighters because they are too inexpensive and throw away once they run out of gas but these 2-in-1 lighters can be used for prolonged periods and never worry about running out of either electric or gas. Technically, these 2-in-1 lighters are 100 times more powerful than old and arc lighters. Fully-charged lighter will light up for 200-300 sparks before needing to recharge again and at the same time can be used for the gas function when the charge is finished.


Here is the list of Meltazo 2-in-1 electric & gas lighter benefits:

  • 2-IN-1 LIGHTER: Newest, luxury, and trending electric and gas lighter (Fill it with gas before use), most excellent windproof performance, easy ignition even in the windiest conditions.
  • LED BATTERY INDICATOR: Upgraded with 4 LED battery indicators. Each light represents 25% power. When all four lights are on, the lighter is 100% full. 2 lights equal 50% power, and so on. No more worrying about running out of battery because you can use the gas!
  • RECHARGEABLE USB LIGHTER: Lithium-ion battery has a long life with a capacity of 220mAh, then simply connect it to most USB electronic devices; cars, laptops, and power banks, and recharge it, a USB cable is included.
  • COMFORTABLE DESIGN AND ELEGANT: Smooth body, stylish, durable, and easily portable electric and gas lighter with a compact size. Surely, you’ll love it!

🙋🏽 Here at Meltazo, you can order your favorite lighter color by clicking this link: 2-in-1 lighter (Black) and 2-in-1 lighter (Gold). We will ship your order as soon as possible. 🚚